This Van Nuys, California resident wanted a renovation of her front yard grass area — from a water intensive eyesore, to a beautiful oasis that uses grass efficiently and beautifully.  We recommended a xeriscape Southern California style.

True xeriscaping uses creative landscaping to conserve water.  For example, instead of putting grass across a whole area, functionality and needs are taken into account.  Grass might be used in just a play area or just for a bit of green in the front of the home.  The rest of the landscape can then be more drought resistant.

We started with a typical Southern California front yard that was once mostly all grass.  But, with the drought, it had suffered and was down to just bits of grass blades here and there.

First, we removed the grass.  The trees with their planters, in the middle of the yard, were also taken out.

The front yard was divided into a garden bed, walkway, and grass areas.  A curved walkway with pea gravel and randomly placed blue flagstone hugged the front of the home.  Steel edging was used to make the curve.

New irrigation was put into place, with Tall Fescue sod grass installed.  Brass path lighting illuminated the walkway.  You can see that the parkway on the left (the other side of the sidewalk) was not included in this renovation project, but could easily be incorporated at a later date.

The garden area now includes drought-resistant perennial plants and a Japanese maple — all with drip irrigation and a spotlight on the tree for security and beauty at night.  The bark mulch continues down the side of the house to the back.  A clean look and easy to maintain.