One of the more common landscapes we install is the simple desert landscape.  This Glendale, California home is a great example of how a small, grassy front yard can be transformed into a colorful, virtually maintenance free desert landscape.


First, we removed all the grass down to the root.  It’s a labor-intensive process, but it does help to avoid the grass popping up again later (you see this problem with landscapes that were done without a thorough removal).  Then, we leveled out the front yard and outlined the planter and walkway borders.


Here is the full transformation.  An inviting, curved walkway was created with bender board and 1/4″ pea gravel — anytime you can create curved features, it softens the look and presents a more welcoming environment.  Flagstone was embedded for an upscale, custom look.  A bark-mulched circle around the tree gives the desert landscape area some contrasting color.  And colorful barrel cactus and agave plants — completely drought tolerant, were installed.  It’s a simple landscape that is still incredibly beautiful to look at with curb appeal.