This Southern California home wanted a renovated parkway that would also conserve water.  The planters were redesigned, and the result is a unique parkway landscape that the owners can enjoy for years to come.

The original parkway was likely beautiful in its original form, but the years and drought had taken their toll.  The plants were water hungry and difficult to maintain clean and tidy.  The ring around the tree was heaving up due to the tree root spread.


The first step was to remove everything except the tree, the brick walkway (it was in good shape), and the rest of the plants.


Then, water-saving drip irrigation was installed.  Next, a bed was created around the largest tree with river rock.  Decomposed evened out the remaining areas to create a beautiful contrast of colors.


Small, rectangular planters were embedded into the decomposed granite.  The planters also had automatic drip irrigation installed.  Drought tolerant perennials were added to the planters for color and texture.  An easy, carefree parkway!