This Burbank, California resident is smart.  Even though her back outdoor living space was small, she upgraded the available area to improve property value, everyday use, and personal relaxation.


There were essentially two areas in her back outdoor living space: 1) an area used for the dog and 2) a sitting area for the resident and guests.

Dog Area: When we began the project, the dog area was a small dog run and doggie “doo” area with patchy grass and step stones on the side.  It wasn’t that the area wasn’t workable but rather that it just wasn’t nice to look at and it also used more water than was necessary.  We removed all the grass down to the root system and leveled the area.


The concrete step stones from the old landscape were repurposed.  Stablized DG was compacted into a natural surface.  Bender board was molded to create a curved border with deep-mulched perennials added.  An automatic deep watering drip irrigation system was installed.  The result was water conservation and a much more beautiful dog area.  It’s a clean space that is easy to maintenance and improves property value.


Sitting Area: On the opposite end of the small backyard was the sitting area with a tiled patio.  The resident liked the tiled area and the surrounding vines, but the corner area near the downspout drain needed renovation.  Because of lack of landscaping, it made the otherwise nice patio feel unkept.


What a difference a small project can make!  Look how rich the area now feels.  The tile now feels vintage, instead of unkept.  The automatic drip irrigation from the dog run area was incorporated into this new planter.  A small hedge, purple Ruellia, and feathery evergreen Wistringa were installed.  The back outdoor living space now has a sub-tropical feel.  Truly a relaxing area.