The residents of this Malibu backyard wanted a refurbishment.  The result is a stunning oasis for friends and family that also conserves water with its xeriscape features.

First, the concrete slab was demolished.


Then, the whole yard was cleaned out, leveled, and marked for the redesign.


In place of the concrete outdoor slab, Belgard pavers were placed in an attractive design for a new patio.


Tall fescue grass sod was placed in a sculpted grass area, along with automatic irrigation.  Bark mulch filled in newly renovated planters with drip irrigation.


A new walkway was created to block out the backyard into separate garden areas.  The walkway was made with decomposed granite and embedded with drought-tolerant plants for color, texture, and beauty.


The final project is a refurbish backyard with both the lushness of grass and green, as well as extensive water-saving features.  It’s beautiful and also easy to maintain.