The owner of Linda Vista Landscape Services, Gonzalo Flores, worked with Jefferson Elementary School in Burbank, California and Eagle Scout Ryan Austin to design a hummingbird garden and oversee the volunteer work for creating the garden on behalf of the community. It was a great opportunity to teach an exceptional young man new skills and also for members of the school community to learn how to plant, install drip systems, and be part of a beautiful transformation. Gardening is for everyone!

Linda Vista Landscape helps Jefferson Elementary School create a hummingbird garden

With about three dozen volunteers, this slope of weeds and brush was quickly cleared — down to the dirt. The fact that it was a slope presented both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity was in creating an interesting terraced landscape, but at the same time logistically figuring out the irrigation and step stones that would be sturdy and hold back erosion.

overgrown brush and weeds on slope

We landscaped only a portion of the slope — here you can see the length as it goes to the concrete stairs. Lots of brush and weeds to clear!

lots of brush and weeds to clear on this slope

Once the weeds and extra brush was cleared, the remaining fruit tree was slightly pruned. Next, the colored-concrete step stones were positioned, so that there would be multiple paths to explore the hummingbird activity. A row effect was used with contrast-color filler foliage along the stepping stones. Then, the plants were installed. All the plants were chosen for not only slope fill but principally for attracting hummingbirds.

hummingbird school garden created by Linda Vista Landscape

Here’s a “before-we-mulched” picture.  And you can see how the drip irrigation lines were placed alongside the plants.  Drip irrigation is used for maximum water conservation — especially California friendly.  Also, because it was a slope, the best watering choice would be slow drip — so that there would be minimal water loss down the slope.

Hummingbird feeder stations were installed. A fun project for the elementary children to enjoy for years to come! Thank you to Ryan Austin for asking Gonzalo Flores to help him with his project. And a big round of applause to all the volunteers and Ryan’s parents for making this project come to fruition.

hummingbird garden created by Linda Vista Landscape