You would not believe this beautiful flagstone patio was once only dirt, weeds, and a tree stump.  Now, the Van Nuys, California residents can enjoy a water-conserving oasis.

The grass and weeds were removed, with the tree stump ground down.  Lots of cleanup to level out the property before laying down the flagstone and other plants.


The concrete walkway was also demolished.


The vine on the wall was completely removed, and the planter was prepared for a refurbishment.  Would you believe a window was behind all those vines?


A flagstone-and-pea-gravel patio area was created.  A half barrel with a semi-dwarf citrus tree was placed in the mulched area to the side of the patio.


Professional brass lighting was incorporated around the patio, as well as bark mulch and drought-tolerant perennials.  Drip irrigation was installed to make the new landscape worry free — and to also save water.


The refurbished planter was filled with staked, elegant Legastrum.  And now you can see the window!