This Burbank, California resident wanted easy front yard maintenance with a geometric look.  The grass was removed and visually striking planter shapes were constructed with drought tolerant perennials.


Many California homes are typical to this home — large swaths of grass in the front yard and parkway, with patches of bushes near the home.  A simple landscape, but it uses a lot of water and requires weekly mowing.  The owner wanted the result to be easy front yard maintenance but didn’t want the landscape to be just rock without any design.  His property value was important.  So first we removed all the grass from the property, down to the root system.  Some of the existing shrubs were incorporated into the new plan.  Other shrubs were removed.


And we also removed all the grass from the parkway.


The front yard was then divided up into visually striking shapes with planters.  An automatic drip irrigation system was installed throughout the landscape and parkway.  Drought tolerant plants were installed — including Agave Americana and Golden Euonymus.


You can see in this side view how the beautiful larger bushes from the original landscape were incorporated into the new design — the color really pops!  A simple walkway with step stones was embedded into the stabilized DG.  We compact the stabilized DG so that it stays in place.


The resulting landscape makes this otherwise average home stand out.  The geometric shapes with the bark mulch are easy to maintenance, virtually maintenance free!  As the planter’s new plants grow, they will be beautiful and full of color and texture.