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Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Curb Enhancing Xeriscape in Southern California

This Van Nuys, California resident wanted a renovation of her front yard grass area -- from a water intensive eyesore, to a beautiful oasis that uses grass efficiently and beautifully.  We recommended a xeriscape Southern [...]

Gorgeous Flagstone Patio in Van Nuys

You would not believe this beautiful flagstone patio was once only dirt, weeds, and a tree stump.  Now, the Van Nuys, California residents can enjoy a water-conserving oasis. The grass and weeds were removed, with the [...]

Refurbished Malibu Backyard

The residents of this Malibu backyard wanted a refurbishment.  The result is a stunning oasis for friends and family that also conserves water with its xeriscape features. First, the concrete slab was demolished. Then, the whole yard was [...]

Renovated Parkway in Chatsworth

This Southern California home wanted a renovated parkway that would also conserve water.  The planters were redesigned, and the result is a unique parkway landscape that the owners can enjoy for years to come. The [...]

Drought Tolerant Parkway Transformation

Many residences in Southern California struggle with drought conditions and water restrictions.  This Burbank, California resident wanted to remove the traditional parkway grass and re-landscape with a drought tolerant parkway. The grass was removed down [...]

Relaxing Burbank Outdoor Living Space

This Burbank, California resident is smart.  Even though her back outdoor living space was small, she upgraded the available area to improve property value, everyday use, and personal relaxation. There were essentially two areas in [...]

Multi-Use Dog Run for Eagle Rock Resident

Many Eagle Rock, California homes have unusually large lots for the Los Angeles area.  This resident took advantage of the extended space.  He had a dog run installed and asked for a multi-use design that is both lushly green [...]

Simple Desert Landscape for Glendale Home

One of the more common landscapes we install is the simple desert landscape.  This Glendale, California home is a great example of how a small, grassy front yard can be transformed into a colorful, virtually maintenance [...]

Easy Front Yard Maintenance in Burbank

This Burbank, California resident wanted easy front yard maintenance with a geometric look.  The grass was removed and visually striking planter shapes were constructed with drought tolerant perennials. Many California homes are typical to this [...]

Lush Van Nuys Curb Appeal

This resident wanted to "up" the Van Nuys curb appeal for his California home while still having drought friendly and water tolerant plants.  The result is a lush-looking front yard landscape with lots of color [...]

Soothing Van Nuys Backyard Retreat

This Van Nuys, California residential lawn space was transformed into a soothing backyard retreat that is now both functional and relaxing.  It is also drought friendly.  A place to take a break after work and invite friends [...]

Renovated California Backyard Orchard [with VIDEO]

This Southern California resident wanted to keep her citrus trees but remove the grass for a more water-conservation, low-maintenance backyard that still produced healthy and delicious fruit.  A cleaner and renovated look. We started out [...]

Eagle Rock Easy Low Water Plants [with VIDEO]

For this Eagle Rock, California residence, the client had the original landscape of a row of bushes and grass.  There was no color in the landscape, and she wanted the grass removed with a conversion [...]

Drought Tolerant Plants for Los Angeles Condos

When we arrived at this Los Angeles condominium complex, we were to clean up a large concrete planter full of weeds and restock it with drought-resistant, colorful plants and a drip irrigation system. Here you [...]

Colorful Burbank Front Yard Curb Appeal

At this Burbank home, the owner wanted the focus to be on adding curb appeal by breaking up the uninteresting grass front yard into colorful garden sections with low-water-use plants and drip irrigation. We started [...]

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