Landscaping Services

Yes! This is one of our specialties. Our projects often include changing out spray landscape for drip systems. We also remove grass and convert to xeriscape or drought-tolerant plants and ground covers.

In order to be more affordable, some property managers and owners decide to do a step-by-step plan to reduce costs. With California’s drought situation, this is a doable plan. We plan out projects over time to meet your budget needs.

It will depend on the size, complexity, how much demolition, the design requirements, and the cost of materials and labor. Affordable landscape depends on your budget, expectations, and the current status of the property.

After we talk with you, we can see what the property looks like and then go from there with a proposal.

For residential landscaping, we primarily perform only landscape renovation/installation. Home maintenance landscaping services are only considered for larger properties who often have a property manager. Please contact us with the details of your project and needs, and we can do an on-site visit and proposal.

For commercial landscaping, this is our primary contractor business. HOA’s are included. We perform maintenance, renovation, and installation for properties of all sizes. Contact us for a proposal.