While some boxy front yards are redesigned as a box, calmness is found in curves — just like in Japanese gardens. This Chatsworth (north Los Angeles area) front yard redesign incorporated circular shapes and succulents for maximum beauty and high water conservation.

circular planting with succulents by Linda Vista Landscape

This front yard is a typical front yard in the Los Angeles area. It is likely the original yard installed when the house was built many years ago. The juniper trees are well established along the perimeter. The grass is deeply thatched, with bare spots containing disease or lack of water. There is an existing border that curves along the outer rim, so this is an excellent design element that can be refurbished and extended.

before picture

The existing plant material was reorganized, along with extending the current curved border into a longer circular pattern along the sidewalk. The main area was covered with 3/4″ decorative rock. Lush rows of ground cover follow the border.

circular border drought tolerant landscape by Linda Vista Landscape

The center section was made into a garden for succulents, with another curved planter area near the driveway. The juniper was removed and replaced with softer, more-manageable and modern plants that are also drought friendly. An automatic drip irrigation system was installed for maximum cost efficiency and water conservation. Finally, the planter areas were heavily mulched to retain moisture longer. A beautiful and attractive curbside appeal was born to enhance this Chatsworth neighborhood and this home!

succulents in circular garden by Linda Vista Landscape