Soothing Van Nuys Backyard Retreat

This Van Nuys, California residential lawn space was transformed into a soothing backyard retreat that is now both functional and relaxing.  It is also drought friendly.  A place to take a break after work and invite friends over for an evening drink.  Enjoy! This resident's backyard was quite typical and was used as a simple play area [...]


Renovated California Backyard Orchard [with VIDEO]

This Southern California resident wanted to keep her citrus trees but remove the grass for a more water-conservation, low-maintenance backyard that still produced healthy and delicious fruit.  A cleaner and renovated look. We started out with a backyard mix of orange and lemon trees in boxed spaces surrounded by grass. The grass had become very [...]


Eagle Rock Easy Low Water Plants [with VIDEO]

For this Eagle Rock, California residence, the client had the original landscape of a row of bushes and grass.  There was no color in the landscape, and she wanted the grass removed with a conversion to drip-water irrigation and easy low water plants.  Here's the step by step and also a video of the finished [...]


Drought Tolerant Plants for Los Angeles Condos

When we arrived at this Los Angeles condominium complex, we were to clean up a large concrete planter full of weeds and restock it with drought-resistant, colorful plants and a drip irrigation system. Here you can see the original planter, full of weeds.  The weeds are growing full throttle without irrigation.  Funny how weeds will [...]


Colorful Burbank Front Yard Curb Appeal

At this Burbank home, the owner wanted the focus to be on adding curb appeal by breaking up the uninteresting grass front yard into colorful garden sections with low-water-use plants and drip irrigation. We started with just a long swatch of front yard grass.  Much of the grass was full of thatch (thick layers of [...]


Beautiful design of condominium walkway

At this condominium complex in Van Nuys, California, we created a beautiful design for a functional walkway.  This provided not only drought-resistant landscape to save water but also allowed the residents to more fully enjoy their common space. As you can see, while having a space of grass can at first seem calming, this area [...]


Poolside Drought Tolerant Landscape

With a beautiful pool and to-die-for location, this West Hollywood home needed help on its poolside landscape. Linda Vista Landscape Services created an eye-catching slope to complement the spa-like backyard and add home value. This is the before picture, and you can see that there is quite a slope. Debris from either construction or the [...]


Circular Planting with Succulents

While some boxy front yards are redesigned as a box, calmness is found in curves -- just like in Japanese gardens. This Chatsworth (north Los Angeles area) front yard redesign incorporated circular shapes and succulents for maximum beauty and high water conservation. This front yard is a typical front yard in the Los Angeles area. [...]


Hummingbird Garden at Elementary School

The owner of Linda Vista Landscape Services, Gonzalo Flores, worked with Jefferson Elementary School in Burbank, California and Eagle Scout Ryan Austin to design a hummingbird garden and oversee the volunteer work for creating the garden on behalf of the community. It was a great opportunity to teach an exceptional young man new skills and [...]


Water Conservation with Veggie Garden

This La Crescenta project was a beautiful opportunity to create some amazing curbside appeal while still being true to water conservation, low-maintenance gardening, and fun with a veggie garden -- in the Los Angeles area. With the property front being a two-level landscape situation, the design called for a bit of imagination. As you can [...]

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